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07-01-2022 01:59 AM

When you use Outlook for email, it’s easy to forget about the messages that get deleted. If you’re using the automatic delete feature, you might not even flagle notice that your messages are getting deleted. But if you use the “undelete all by itself” option, there’s a good chance that you will lose some of your deleted messages.

06-17-2022 02:25 AM

Downloading PC games via Steam allows you to install them directly from your Steam library. The only drawback is that the process can take a long time if you're downloading from a slow connection. To speed up the process, try these tips:helix jump 1. Use a Wi-Fi connection when possible. 2. Download in smaller chunks when possible - instead of one large file, download several files at once to save time on each transmission. 3. When downloading, remember to keep an eye on your download speed. If you are getting low bandwidth or slow speeds, it is time to find a faster connection. 4. Turn off any potentially problematic applications such as anti-virus software while you are downloading (these can sometimes slow down the entire system). 5. If you are having trouble with syncing, try using a different location for Steam's downloads folder