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Date Title Type Speakers Group
6 Jul 2020 Webinar: "What Happens Now?" Conversation with David Ramsden-Wood   Luncheons and Webinars David Ramsden-Wood Young Professionals
30 Jun 2020 The Data-Centric Skillset: Staying Relevant in the New Industry   Luncheons and Webinars Alec Walker Digital Transformation
25 Jun 2020 WEBINAR: Navigating Turbulent Waters in the Oil & Gas Industry   Luncheons and Webinars Shauna Noonan Young Professionals
17 Jun 2020 Westside WEBINAR: Monitoring the Pulse of a Well through Sealed Wellbore Pressure Monitoring, a Breakthrough Diagnostic with a Multi-Basin Case Study   Luncheons and Webinars Kyle Haustveit, Completion Engineer, Devon Energy Westside
16 Jun 2020 Data Sciences & Artificial Intelligence Workshop   Luncheons and Webinars Graziella Caputo, Dale Mumper, Mike McMahon, Dr. Ben Amaba, Professional Engineer, CPIM®, LEED®AP BD+C Young Professionals
12 Jun 2020 WEBINAR: Members in Transition Seminar #47 co-hosted with AAPG   Luncheons and Webinars Speaker #1 Sammy Haroon, Speaker #2 Melanie Woods, GPHR, SPHR, Speaker #3 Name: Maitri Erwin Members in Transition
10 - 11 Jun 2020 Data Sciences & Artificial Intelligence Workshop   Luncheons and Webinars Dr. Ben Amaba, Professional Engineer, CPIM®, LEED®AP BD+C, Mike McMahon, Dale Mumper, Graziella Caputo Young Professionals
4 Jun 2020 Permian Basin WEBINAR: Multistage Completions for Hydraulic Fracturing – The Past, Present, and Future   Luncheons and Webinars Aaron Burton Permian Basin
27 May 2020 C&P Webinar: Detecting Induced Fractures Using Drilling Data to Gain Insights into Unconventional Fracture Growth   Luncheons and Webinars Kevin Wutherich - Chief Technology Officer Drill2Frac Completions & Production
21 May 2020 General Meeting WEBINAR: How to Survive as an Offshore Operator in Today’s Economic Climate   Luncheons and Webinars Jeremy Thigpen, CEO of Transocean Drilling General Meeting
20 May 2020 Westside WEBINAR: Right-Sizing Cluster and Stage Count Using Extreme Limited Entry Completion Designs   Luncheons and Webinars Paul Weddle, Completion Manager, Liberty Resources II LLC Westside
20 May 2020 R&D WEBINAR: Making Unconventional Conventional — Enabling Gas-EOR in Fractured Reservoirs with Foam Assisted Conformance Control -A Field case   Luncheons and Webinars Amit Katiyar Research & Development
19 May 2020 SPE Permian Basin Section: Surviving a Downturn in the Permian | A Discussion With Past & Present SPE Leaders   Luncheons and Webinars Panelist Permian Basin
14 May 2020 WEBINAR: RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY THROUGH THE LIFECYCLE - PANEL   Luncheons and Webinars Michelle Thomas, Head of Innovation, BHP, James Hacker, Chief Reservoir Engineer, ExxonMobil, Tom Messonnier, Director Asset Development, Talos Energy, Vasilii Shelkov, CEO, RFD Reservoir
13 May 2020 C&P WEBINAR: North American Upstream Fracking Activity Overview and Analysis of the Electric Fracturing Market   Luncheons and Webinars David Vaucher Completions & Production
12 May 2020 Webinar: Resume Building and Career Planning   Luncheons and Webinars Susan Howes Young Professionals
8 May 2020 WEBINAR: Members in Transition Seminar #46 / Joint meeting with SPE Petrotech Study Group   Luncheons and Webinars Speaker #1: Jose C. Martinez, Speaker #2: Ann Houston, Speaker #3: Patricia Carreras, Speaker #4 Name: Ramesh Anand Members in Transition
7 May 2020 Permian Basin WEBINAR: What comes next? 2020 and the future. Why Russia and Saudi ‘s decision changed everything.   Luncheons and Webinars David Ramsden-Wood Permian Basin
29 Apr 2020 Webinar: EXAMPLES OF FORCES NOT ACCOUNTED FOR BY THE WAVE EQUATION   Luncheons and Webinars O. L. Rowlan Completions & Production
27 Apr 2020 SPE International WEBINAR: Distinguished Lecture - Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for Unconventional Reservoirs: The Next Big Thing?   Luncheons and Webinars B. Todd Hoffman Reservoir
27 Apr 2020 SPE Gulf Coast Section - Distinguished Lecture Sponsorship Opportunities   Luncheons and Webinars B. Todd Hoffman Reservoir
23 Apr 2020 Webinar: Cracking the Code of Crude Oil   Luncheons and Webinars Faye Liu Reservoir
20 Apr 2020 Permian Basin WEBINAR: Oil Markets During and After Coronavirus   Luncheons and Webinars Arthur E. Berman, Director Labyrinth Consulting Services,Inc Permian Basin
16 Apr 2020 Drilling Webinar: Standardization of Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) and Emerging Operational Applications   Luncheons and Webinars Fred E. Dupriest Drilling
15 Apr 2020 Westside WEBINAR: Containment Dynamics and Treatment Distribution in a Limited-Entry Fracturing Program   Luncheons and Webinars Dave Cramer, Senior Engineering Fellow, ConocoPhillips Westside