SPE-GCS Events

You found 121 events starting on or after March 26th, 2023.
Date Title Type Speakers Group
11Mar - 31 May 2023 SPE Geothermal Datathon   Conferences/ Symposiums Data Analytics
24Mar - 7 Apr 2023 Machine Learning Challenge – Using AI to Validate Carbon Containment in the Illinois Basin   Training Data Analytics
29 Mar 2023 Spring 2023 Hiring Event Planning Meeting   Internal Members in Transition
30 Mar 2023 The Practical Design of a Carbon Storage Injection Well Completion Using In-line Flow Control Devices to Maintain Injection Stability   Luncheons and Webinars Michael Konopczynski Reservoir
6 Apr 2023 Annual Symposium: Accelerating Energy Transition through Modelling and Simulation   Conferences/ Symposiums Gary W. Sams, SLB, Madhusuden Agrawal, bp, Hyunchul Jang, Technip Energies, Georgios Deskos, NREL, Prof Mayank Tyagi, LSU, Anchal Jatale, ANSYS, Kamran Alba, University of Houston, Gocha Chochua, SLB, Peter Veenstra, Shell, Raj Venuturumilli, bp, Alistair Gill, Element Digital Engineering, Manjil Ray, ISU, Tingwen Li, SABIC, Yupeng Xu, NETL, Rupesh Reddy, NOV, Sebastian Chialvo, Engineering Systems Inc, John Thomas, M-Star CFD, Guangyuan Sun, SIMULIA, Muhammad Sami Computational Fluid Dynamics
10 Apr 2023 2023 - 50th Annual SPE-GCS Golf Tournament   Social/ Networking Sporting Events
11 Apr 2023 Northside SG - 20 Years of Horizontal Multistage Completions: A Summary of Industry Evolution in Unconventional and Conventional Plays   Luncheons and Webinars Alberto Casero - Technical Advisor for Fracturing and Stimulation at BP Northside
11 Apr 2023 SPE GCS YP General Meeting   Internal Young Professionals
13 Apr 2023 Improving Production Forecasts in Ultra-low Permeability Wells   Training W. John Lee Continuing Education
13 Apr 2023 General Meeting IN-PERSON: Federal Energy Policy Developments   Luncheons and Webinars General Meeting
13 Apr 2023 Engineering Your Path to Promotion: The Promotability Formula [VIRTUAL EVENT]   Luncheons and Webinars Shivana Khoza Special Interest Group
13 Apr 2023 General Meeting WEBINAR: Federal Energy Policy Developments   Luncheons and Webinars TIM TARPLEY, Senior VP Government Affairs & Counsel, The Energy Workforce & Technology Council. General Meeting
17 - 18 Apr 2023 Data Science Convention 2023: Machine Learning Workshop Bundle   Training Data Analytics
20 Apr 2023 Data Science Convention 2023   Conferences/ Symposiums Data Analytics
20 Apr 2023 Data Science Convention 2023: Call for Sponsors   Sponsorships Data Analytics
20 Apr 2023 SPE-GCS Monthly Board of Directors Meeting   Internal Board of Directors
20 Apr 2023 Implementation of MPD Systems in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico to Drill Highly Depleted Reservoir Sections (SPE-208771-MS)   Luncheons and Webinars Chima Chima, Danilo Morales Drilling
21 Apr 2023 Career Day at Milby High School   Luncheons and Webinars Community Services
21 Apr 2023 IN-PERSON NETWORKING AND PODCAST EVENT: Capitalizing on the Value of our Diverse Workforce   Social/ Networking Carlos Torres, Jeniree Flores Delgado Diversity & Inclusion
21 Apr 2023 Networking and Podcast: Capitalizing on the Value of our Diverse Workforce - Sponsorship Page   Sponsorships Diversity & Inclusion
27 Apr 2023 New Gas-Water Co-Injection Process Provides Solution for EOR in Unconventionals   Luncheons and Webinars Dr. Stuart L. Scott, Dr. David S. Schechter Reservoir
28 Apr 2023 EmPOWERing the Gulf of Mexico - Energy Industry Panel Discussion - Members in Transition   Luncheons and Webinars Members in Transition
29 Apr 2023 Energy in the Park   Social/ Networking Membership
1 May 2023 2022-2023 Sponsorship for SPE GCS Continuing Education Committee   Sponsorships Continuing Education
4 May 2023 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY!!! - SPRING 2023 Energy Professional Hiring Event   Conferences/ Symposiums Members in Transition