SPE-GCS Events

You found 109 events starting on or after August 16th, 2022.
Date Title Type Speakers Group
25 Mar 2040 ON DEMAND: Dual Career Families are Not a Women's Issue   On-Demand Bailey Donovan Allen Diversity & Inclusion
19 May 2040 ON DEMAND: Geomechanical Properties, Fracture Identification, and Formation Pressure from Drilling Data   On-Demand Stacy McWhorter, General Manager of Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Core Laboratories LP Westside
21 May 2040 ON DEMAND: How to Be Effective in a Diverse Workplace   On-Demand Cindy Wigglesworth Diversity & Inclusion
18 Mar 2041 [ON-DEMAND] Survive, Revive & Thrive – A Conversation With The 2021 SPE President   On-Demand Thomas A. Blasingame Reservoir
26 Mar 2041 ON DEMAND RECORDING: SPE-GCS Communications/ Publicity/ Social Media Refresher Primer   On-Demand Alexsandra Martinez & Lindsey Newsome Communications
30 Sep 2055 ON DEMAND: Show me the Value - Artificial Intelligence and Tech in HSE   On-Demand Cody MacDonald, Dave Crawley, Guillermo Romero, Candance Axel, Adam Berg, Konrad Konarski Data Analytics
30 Sep 2055 ON DEMAND: Analytics and Automation to Improve Drilling Performance   On-Demand Paul Pastusek, Pradeepkumar Ashok Data Analytics
12 May 2090 ON DEMAND - HYBRID EVENT: Assessing the area of review – pressure elevation and plume stabilization   On-Demand Susan Hovorka Special Interest Group
4 Mar 2099 The Open Platform Imperative for the Energy Industry   On-Demand Dr. Orestes Appel, Phillip Jong, Patrick Kelly, Sushma K. Bhan Data Analytics