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4 Apr 2030 ON DEMAND RECORDING: Practical Design Considerations for Stage Length, Perforation Clusters and Limited Entry Pressure Intensities   On-Demand Paul Huckabee Westside
4 Apr 2030 ON DEMAND RECORDING: Multidisciplinary Data Gathering to Evaluate eXtreme Limited Entry Completion Design and Improve Perforation Cluster Efficiency   On-Demand Apiwat (Ohm) Lorwongngam, Completion Engineering Advisor, Hess Westside
4 Apr 2030 ON DEMAND RECORDING: Energy Industry Panel Discussion: Pivot or Patience - What's Next for Oil and Gas Professionals?   On-Demand Thomas A. (Tom) Blasingame, Ph.D., P.E., Nathan Meehan, Ph.D., P.E., David Gibson, Melanie Woods, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, Moderator: Susan Howes, PE, PHR Members in Transition
23 Jul 2030 ON DEMAND: Microaggressions: the What, the How, and the Pitfalls   On-Demand Beverly Jurenko, TaJuana Antwine Diversity & Inclusion
1 Oct 2030 ON DEMAND: Leveraging diversity & inclusion in the oil & gas industry to deliver a lower carbon future   On-Demand Chiedozie Ekweribe - Moderator, Uwa Airhiavbere, Josetta Jones, Shauna Noonan, David Reid Diversity & Inclusion
22 Oct 2030 ON-DEMAND RECORDING: Delivering Real Value with Data Analytics: Case Studies from the Energy Industry   On-Demand Ted Furlong, Justin Hayes Data Analytics
12 Nov 2030 ON DEMAND: Allies will power (and empower) the energy transition   On-Demand Shanta Eaden Diversity & Inclusion
19 Nov 2030 ON-DEMAND RECORDING: Data Analytics as a key to digital transformation: Case Studies from the Energy Industry   On-Demand Shane J. Prochnow, Prashant Mehrotra Data Analytics
4 Dec 2030 On Demand Recording - Data Analytics Career Pathways in an Evolving Energy Industry   On-Demand Data Analytics
11 Dec 2030 ON DEMAND Leadership development talk with Hugh Connett (Rtd. President Chevron Global Gas)   On-Demand Hugh Connett Young Professionals
21 Jan 2031 [ON-DEMAND] The National Petroleum Council Study on Carbon Capture, Use and Storage   On-Demand Nigel Jenvey (Global Head of Carbon Management, GaffneyCline) Reservoir
18 Feb 2031 ON DEMAND: Appraisal and Development of Shale Reservoirs: A Hard Science or a Rorschach Test?   On-Demand Manuel Cossio (Senior Reservoir Engineer, Stronghold Resource Partners) Reservoir
3 Nov 2031 On-Demand: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 - Keynote Speakers   On-Demand Lynn Frostman, John Gibson, Liz Percak Dennet, David Reid, Richard Copsey, Alex Rozenfeld Innovate
17 Feb 2032 (ON DEMAND) SPE Distinguished Lecturer Webinar: Machine Learning Applications for Optimizing Real-Time Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing   On-Demand Yuxing Ben Drilling
17 Mar 2032 (ON DEMAND) Drill Rig Control Systems: Detecting Auto Driller Dysfunction and Improving Behavior   On-Demand Paul Pastusek Drilling
10 Jun 2032 ON-DEMAND: How to be a More Inclusive Leader & Contributor   On-Demand Chad Thompson Diversity & Inclusion
25 Mar 2040 ON DEMAND: Dual Career Families are Not a Women's Issue   On-Demand Bailey Donovan Allen Diversity & Inclusion
19 May 2040 ON DEMAND: Geomechanical Properties, Fracture Identification, and Formation Pressure from Drilling Data   On-Demand Stacy McWhorter, General Manager of Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Core Laboratories LP Westside
21 May 2040 ON DEMAND: How to Be Effective in a Diverse Workplace   On-Demand Cindy Wigglesworth Diversity & Inclusion
18 Mar 2041 [ON-DEMAND] Survive, Revive & Thrive – A Conversation With The 2021 SPE President   On-Demand Thomas A. Blasingame Reservoir
26 Mar 2041 ON DEMAND RECORDING: SPE-GCS Communications/ Publicity/ Social Media Refresher Primer   On-Demand Alexsandra Martinez & Lindsey Newsome Communications
30 Sep 2055 ON DEMAND: Show me the Value - Artificial Intelligence and Tech in HSE   On-Demand Cody MacDonald, Dave Crawley, Guillermo Romero, Candance Axel, Adam Berg, Konrad Konarski Data Analytics
30 Sep 2055 ON DEMAND: Analytics and Automation to Improve Drilling Performance   On-Demand Paul Pastusek, Pradeepkumar Ashok Data Analytics
12 May 2090 ON DEMAND - HYBRID EVENT: Assessing the area of review – pressure elevation and plume stabilization   On-Demand Susan Hovorka Special Interest Group
4 Mar 2099 The Open Platform Imperative for the Energy Industry   On-Demand Dr. Orestes Appel, Phillip Jong, Patrick Kelly, Sushma K. Bhan Data Analytics