SPE-GCS Events

You found 90 events starting on or after April 17th, 2021.
Date Title Type Speakers Group
17 Apr 2021 YP Volunteering - Rebuilding Together Houston   Social/ Networking Young Professionals
17 Apr 2021 Volunteers for Community Service event: STEM·E Talks   Social/ Networking Community Services
20Apr - 25 Jun 2021 Geothermal Experience (GTX 2021)   Conferences/ Symposiums Data Analytics
21 Apr 2021 Northside WEBINAR: Joint Webinar   Luncheons and Webinars Northside
21 Apr 2021 The Pulse of Unconventionals in 2021   Luncheons and Webinars Barry Hlidek, Raj Malpani, Scott Lapiere, Baosheng Liang, Ghazal Dashti SIG
22 Apr 2021 2021 Crawfish Boil - THRUTUBING SOLUTIONS Kirby Ice House   Social/ Networking Young Professionals
29 Apr 2021 SPE GCS YP Membership - Vector Controls and Automation Group Company Tour   Luncheons and Webinars Young Professionals
4 May 2021 SPE YP General Meeting   Internal Young Professionals
6 May 2021 ExxonMobil Outlook For Energy: The Dual Energy Challenge   Luncheons and Webinars Bob Foglesong, Disruptive Technology & Commercial Manager, Upstream Research & Development
11 May 2021 Northside WEBINAR: Is There A Future For Oil & Gas In A Net Zero World?   Luncheons and Webinars Audrey Mascarenhas Northside
12 May 2021 A New Approach to Seal Unwanted Casing/liner Perfs, Breaches and Leaks   Luncheons and Webinars Dale Larsen Completions & Production
13 May 2021 2021 A&D Symposium   Conferences/ Symposiums Bill Marko, Raoul LeBlanc Business Development
14 May 2021 WEBINAR: Members in Transition Seminar #58 co-hosted with AAPG   Luncheons and Webinars Speaker #1 Name: Marisé Mikulis, Speaker #2 Name: Moji Karimi Members in Transition
19 May 2021 Westside WEBINAR: Geomechanical Properties, Fracture Identification, and Formation Pressure from Drilling Data   Luncheons and Webinars Stacy McWhorter, General Manager of Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Core Laboratories LP Westside
20 May 2021 SPE-GCS Monthly Board of Directors Meeting   Internal Board of Directors
20 May 2021 Reservoir Study Group Luncheon - TBD   Luncheons and Webinars Reservoir
21 May 2021 The 12 Things no one tells you about Petroleum Data Analytics (unless you sign up for this workshop)   Training Jim Crompton Continuing Education
21 May 2021 How to Be Effective in a Diverse Workplace   Conferences/ Symposiums Cindy Wigglesworth Diversity & Inclusion
25 May 2021 Real-Time Fracture Measurements to Optimize Rate, Proppant, and Chemicals During Fracturing   Luncheons and Webinars Matthew Sinkey Completions & Production
1 Jun 2021 SPE YP General Meeting   Internal Young Professionals
9 Jun 2021 Achieving Perfect Fluid and Proppant Placement in Multi-Stage Fractured Horizontal Wells: A CFD Modeling Approach   Luncheons and Webinars Xinghui LIU Completions & Production
17 Jun 2021 SPE-GCS Monthly Board of Directors Meeting   Internal Board of Directors
17 Jun 2021 Machine Learning and Data Science in the Oil and Gas Industry: Introduction, Case Studies, and Best Practices   Training Patrick Bangert Continuing Education
18 Jun 2021 Roughneck Camp 2021   Conferences/ Symposiums Liz Sturman, Linhua Guan, David Pantoja, Daniel Klein, Akash Sharma, Hudson Chen, Massiel Diez Young Professionals
18 Jun 2021 Sponsor Roughneck Camp 2021   Conferences/ Symposiums Young Professionals