Reservoir Simulation for Practical Decision Making

Short Course Description
The instructors will discuss all of the important facets of the reservoir modeling process. The important factors that can dramatically impact the model results are emphasized. Specific topics include Data Acquisition, Fluid Properties, Rock-Fluid Interaction, Grid Construction, History Matching and Prediction Cases. These and other topics will help the attendees better understand how to plan and conduct a reservoir study and how to review a study conducted by someone else. Although there will be no direct computer related activities, the last half of the second day is reserved for discussion of case studies. Previous models conducted by the instructors will be presented for discussion and attendees are encouraged to bring materials and data (non-confidential) relating to a potential project that they may be involved with in the future. The class as a group (or groups, guided by the instructors) will brainstorm and discuss the approach to be taken to achieve the desired study objectives.
Note: Registration for this event will register participant in Simulation Forum on May 11th with no additional fee.

Topics Covered within the Short Course

  • Introduction 
  • General Overview
  • Theory of Numerical Simulation
  • Planning a Simulation Study 
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis 
  • Fluid Properties 
  • Rock-Fluid Interaction Relationships 
  • Geologic Model Development 
  • Grid Construction 
  • Model Initialization 
  • Well History 
  • History Match 
  • Prediction Cases 
  • Review of Simulation Models 
  • Summary 
  • Examples/Case Studies

Location: Microsoft
2000 West Sam Houston Parkway South, Suite 350
Houston , Texas 77042

Date: May 9, 2007, 9 a.m. - May 10, 2007, 5 p.m.