Completion & Production: Cement Packers in Wells – The State of the Art

Cement Packers in Wells – The State of the Art
Fred Sabins, CSI Technologies
Executive Summary
Cement Packer completions have been used for years as a cost effective means to increase recoverable reserves in what might otherwise be marginally commercial zones.
The purpose of a cement packer is to isolate the objective zone from the surface and below so that all production is through the tubing.
While the number of well configurations, depths, and deviation profiles are endless, there are generally two methods used to place cement packers; via coil tubing, or circulated down the production tubing. 
Leaking cement packers are difficult and costly to repair. Most failed cement packers are in fact not repaired because the zones they're meant to isolate are usually marginal. Pre-job planning, QA/QC, and placement technique are critical to obtain a long term hydraulic seal.
In this presentation we will review the “Cementing best practices for cement packers”. Below is a brief list of the topics which will be included in this presentation.
Candidate Selection
Abandonment of the Lower Zone
Pre-Job Planning and Well Preparation
Depth Correlation
Punching Holes in the Tubing
Pickling the Tubing / Casing
Pressure Isolation
Slurry Design & Testing
Cement Packer Placement
Placement Considerations
Displacement Guidelines
Post-Placement Considerations

Location: Greenspoint Club
16925 North Chase
Houston , TX 77060

Date: Sept. 21, 2006, 11:30 a.m. - Sept. 21, 2006, 1 p.m.