Reservoir - Solid Expandable Tubulars: Its Role in Sustainability and the Environment

Enventure Global Technologies introduced the industry to solid expandable tubulars in late 1999. Since then this emerging technology has begun to gain acceptance within the industry and with the governmental bodies that regulate it as a potential solution to multiple pressing issues. Those issues include:

1. The development of sustainable supplies of the hydrocarbon resources needed to fuel continued global economic expansion.

2. The mitigation of the negative environmental impact of existing industry activities.

3. The mitigation of the environmental and societal impact of industry activities in new exploration and production frontiers.

This talk will focus on Enventure's experiences in introducing a new technology, which is believed to have the potential for a substantial positive impact on the oil and gas industry's ability to maintain its role as the chief supplier of energy resources to the world economy, while enabling the industry to be less intrusive on the environment and local communities.

The RESG is pleased to host Mr. Lance Cook as he delivers his 2003 SPE Distinguished Lecturer presentation on the reservoir engineering aspects of expandable tubular technology.

Please register online, walk-ins will be charged and additional $5.00 dollars.

Location: The Courtyard @ St. James, 1885 St. James Place

Date: May 22, 2003, 11:30 a.m. - May 22, 2003, 1 p.m.