SPONSORSHIP: Decarbonization Congress:​ Accelerating Decarbonization of E&P Operations​

Decarbonizing E&P: A Path to a Sustainable Future

Join us for a pivotal conference dedicated to tackling the challenge of reducing 5.1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in the Exploration and Production (E&P) sector of the Oil and Gas industry. This event aims to forge powerful connections among global and regional operational leaders, alongside emerging sustainability experts, fostering a collaborative environment to spearhead impactful environmental strategies.

Throughout this conference, participants will have the opportunity to exchange best practices and innovative approaches to decarbonization. We are committed to facilitating meaningful dialogues between suppliers, service companies, and operators, creating a unique platform where practical solutions and advancements in sustainability are shared and developed.

Our agenda is crafted to not only address the pressing issues of emissions but also to explore sustainable pathways that align with industry goals and environmental standards. By bringing together the brightest minds and frontrunners in sustainability, we aim to catalyze significant strides towards a greener future in the E&P space.


Diamond Sponsor - $30,000

  • Visibility: Prominent logo placement on all event materials, main stage backdrop, and event website with a link to sponsor’s page.​
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 Platinum Sponsor - $25,000

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  • Engagement: Opportunity to participate in event networking activities.

Supporting Sponsor - $500

  • Visibility: Company name listed on the event website.
  • Acknowledgment: Recognition in the event program.


Location: University of Houston Theater
4302 University Dr.
Houston , TX 77004

Date: Nov. 11, 2024, midnight - Nov. 13, 2024, 11:59 p.m.