Drilling--Versatility with “High Performance Drilling Fluids”

Versatility with “High Performance”
Drilling Fluids
When drilling challenging wells, operators are always in search of a drilling fluid that delivers a stable wellbore, fast penetration rates, high tolerance for contaminants, effective inhibition and excellent lubricity.

High Performance Fluids can deliver such performance in both a water base fluid and a non-aqueous fluid.  This new family of fluids are formulated with low commercial solids and new polymeric additives that yield unique rheological properties with flat and fragile gels.  These fluids can be used in various applications that may help lower mud consumption and lower overall cost while eliminating a variety of potential drilling problems.
This presentation will briefly cover 6 High Performance Drilling Fluids ( 3 non-aqueous and 3 water based systems) that have a wide breadth of applications for drilling challenging wellbores in a safe and economical manner.

Location: Petroleum Club
800 Bell Street #4300
Houston , TX 77002

Date: Oct. 12, 2005, 11:30 a.m. - Oct. 12, 2005, 1 p.m.