Online event: Advanced Wellhead and Choke Valve Design

Wellheads, Christmas Trees and Choke valves are a common sight at the well pad. Some will refer to this equipment as “dumb steel”. However, recent innovations and a push for automation have made them smarter in recent years. The Advanced Wellhead and Choke Valve Design presentation follows the evolution of these products from basic design to industry driven technological solutions.

Stream Flo’s Austin McPherson will present the first two hours on Wellheads and trees; their components, functionality and the new DMLX wellhead System. This system distills 60 years of wellhead expertise into a simple yet sophisticated design that allows for accelerated installation, scalability, repeatability and reduced workover time.

Master Flo’s Jason Wipf will round out the last two hours on the complex dynamics involved with Choke valves.  Choke valves control the well’s pressure and flow rate. They will see the highest flow velocities, erosion rates and must be engineered to operate safely and effectively.

Location: Online

Date: April 1, 2022, 8 a.m. - April 1, 2022, noon