ON DEMAND RECORDING: Machine Learning and Data Science in the Oil and Gas Industry: Introduction, Case Studies, and Best Practices

This course is intended for oil and gas managers and professionals who want to learn about the digital transformation and the use of machine learning in oil and gas. The overall aim is to set you up for success in your data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence projects by giving an overall understanding of the field as applied to O&G.

We will begin with looking at digitization and the vision of the digital oilfield to set the scene. The basic technological ideas of machine learning, data science, and the preparation of data will be discussed. The role of domain knowledge and the process of judging whether results are good take a central role. We discuss various practical applications throughout O&G as well as how to assess and reap business value from these projects. We close by looking at project and change management and a brief overview of the toolsets available for this work.

This course is an overview and will not introduce any particular technique in detail. We will not compute anything or look at formulas or code. Rather, we will focus on understanding the key ideas and best practices that will make your project a success.

Location: Hyperlink to the recording will be provided after completing your registration.

Date: Jan. 1, 2030, 8 a.m. - Jan. 1, 2030, noon