General Meeting IN-PERSON: Toolkit for Making Better Decisions when Faced with Ethical Dilemmas



Members will take away from this lecture a toolkit to enable them to make better decisions when faced with an ethical dilemma.

An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility is paramount to every SPE member working in the petroleum industry. However, the ethical dilemmas members experience while progressing through their career stages can vary in nature and complexity, spanning a broad spectrum from issues for students, for individual contributors or issues encountered at managerial and executive level positions.

Common ethical issues include expert witness testimony, employment, competitive bidding, confidentiality, conflict of interest, copyrights, intellectual property, data selection and management, operating standards, regulations, reserves booking, third party opinions, corruption, plagiarism, and citations of others’ work. Ethical behavior is required to manage professional relationships with stakeholders including contractors, vendors, partners, land owners, competitors, governments, regulatory agencies, employees, management and coworkers.  

You can earn a CEU (Continuing Education Unit) from the SPE for attending this seminar.







Registration & Walk-ins 

All attendees are encouraged to register and pay online for this event.  This is a more efficient means of registering for the event and enables the registration process at the meeting to move much faster.  Walk-in space is available on a seat-limited basis at a fee more than the on-line registration fee.



To secure the health and safety of all attendees, SPE-GCS will apply the following new Covid-19 safety protocol guidelines: 

  1. Check in process (mandatory):
    1. Temperature check will be conducted (cannot be higher than F)
    2. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available on site
    3. Complete health questionnaire
    4. Attendees who are sick will not be permitted to enter the event. This is without exception.
  2. All attendees are required to complete the On-line Questionnaire by using the QR Code and showing it to the SPE-GCS staff at the check in.
  3. Attendance will be limited by COVID-19 protocol to 78 attendees.
  4. Face masks will be required during the event. One will be provided for you if you forget yours.
  5. Food and beverage servers will wear masks and gloves.
  6. The event area will be sanitized and supplied with hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and personal tissues.
  7. All participants will practice the 6 feet social distancing in ALL common areas.
  8. Tables will be set for a maximum of 6 attendees each.
  9. Please stay home and participate via the webinar option if you are not feeling well or if you are in a high-risk group.
  10. Contingencies: entrance will be prohibited should a person refuse to comply with any of the steps described above. • A SPE-GCS representative will ask the venue staff to provide support on escorting the person outside the venue.

Only 4 persons in an elevator - so allow time for elevator ride to club.


Parking for this event
The TOTAL Plaza building (1201 Louisiana Street across from the Houston Hyatt Regency Hotel) is connected to the downtown Houston tunnel system.  Using the tunnel system, those working downtown can walk to our meeting in air-conditioned comfort.
If you will drive to this meeting, the following summarizes available parking:
The image above shows how to access the club parking area at the new location of the Petroleum Club. Enter from Milam Street and exit onto Louisiana Street.  Parking fee paid at central meter outside building entrance via credit card.  
Surface parking lots are available to the south of the TOTAL Plaza building (between this building and the former EXXON Building), including one surface lot adjacent to the TOTAL Plaza Building - pay at meter (cost ~ $9).  Other surface lots in the area cost $8 - $9 and they frequently are full by mid-morning.
Parking is also available in the Hyatt Regency Hotel parking garage across the street.  Prices vary depending on time in the garage.  Cost for 2 hours of parking is $12.  

Location: Petroleum Club
TOTAL Plaza, 1201 Louisiana St, 35th Floor
Houston , Texas 77002

Date: March 11, 2021, 11 a.m. - March 11, 2021, 1 p.m.