As we move into the 8th month of the global pandemic and oil price shockwaves, upstream companies are focusing more than ever on reducing breakeven cost per BOE.  Initial gains over the past 3 years were attributable to reservoir engineering and drilling strategies, services contracting strategies and the like.  Executives now are very focused on how digital technology can help maximize production by looking at the broader field optimization opportunities.  This presentation will discuss where the biggest opportunities are for improving production operational improvement.   In the past, this opportunity has not be captured due to very project and task specific use of digital technology; rather than the pursuit of integrated optimization strategies (looking at how to optimize use of existing infrastructure and processing capability; and how to extend production). The presentation will cover three high impact digitalization areas:  production and processing digital twins;  flow assurance and well monitoring; and production maximization via advanced process control.  An example of recent results and values obtained by producers will be given for each of these three areas.  Finally they will be tied together as to how they form an integrated optimization approach.

Location: At your computer

Date: Sept. 9, 2020, noon - Sept. 9, 2020, 1 p.m.