A Paradigm in RST Drilling Market Demands Drive a New Solution

This presentation describes how a new-generation rotary steerable system was developed from a blank sheet of paper to first commercial work in just 23 months. It talks about how research into customer needs drove a simple requirements specification which then provided the “True North” direction to keep the project focused and on track, how risk was removed from the project, and how a “fail fast” philosophy and adherence to a strict cadence in testing allowed the system to be delivered so quickly. In addition to talking about how the project was managed and how the results were achieved, the presentation reviews how the Rotary Steerable System (RSS) market has changed over the last two decades. It explores the shift in RSS philosophy resulting from ever-improving motor steerable technology. It describes how the need for longer laterals with minimal tortuosity, maximum drilling efficiency, reduced risk of unplanned events, and elimination of AFE overspend, along with the paradigm shift in the directional drilling market seen since 2014, drove the requirements specification. It describes how the design team focused on modular design and rapid turn around of tools, in order to maximize utilization and efficiency. Field-test results are included, which demonstrate build and turn at up to 10°/100 ft. and the ability to drill accurate lateral and tangent sections. Field results also include the use of ultrasonic imaging while drilling to investigate hole quality.

Location: The Petroleum Club of Houston, 35th Floor, Total Plaza
1201 Louisiana Street
Houston , Texas 77002

Date: Nov. 21, 2019, 11:30 a.m. - Nov. 21, 2019, 1 p.m.