High School STEM Outreach

  • Introduction to SPE, Gulf Coast Section STEM Scholarships, oil and gas careers
  • A Typical Day in the Life of an Oil & Gas Environmental Professional
  • Marathon Oil’s Malaria Eradication Program in Equatorial Guinea
    This event is not open to the public.


Jeanne Perdue will give an overview of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, showing the global demographics and mission of the organization. She will also describe different types of jobs in the petroleum industry and the qualifications needed to apply for them, along with several scholarships available to help students earn those credential

Kathleen Sauve's topic is titled 'Improving Public Health Through Malaria Control. When Marathon Oil started operating on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, off the cost of West Africa more than 15 years ago, the Company immediately recognized the devastating health and economic impact of the malaria epidemic on the community. The Company joined with the Government of Equatorial Guinea and other operators in a bold partnership that has reduced malaria transmission by 78 percent, reduced under 5 child mortality by 85 percent, and saved thousands of lives.

Nina R. McAfee will talk about 'A Typical Day in the Life of and Oil and Gas Environmental Professional'. Nina has been working in the environmental career field for over 30 years and will discuss the different stages she has gone through as her career changed and progressed.  After starting full time employment at 17 for an oil and gas corporation, to senior level Leadership managing teams of environmental professionals, Nina has been employed in almost every aspect of the environmental profession and will discuss “a typical day” for several of the stages of her career. The discussion will begin with her early career and a typical day in the field in which she will also discuss some of barriers she overcame being a young female in the “oil patch”.  Next, the discussion will focus on working in an office setting as part of a team and some of the areas that an environmental professional can concentrate on or become a subject matter expert (SME) on such as regulations, program development, science based research, etc. Lastly, she will discuss management and leading environmental teams and the high and low points of being in management.  If time allows, Nina can discuss her future plans and preparing for the next stage as an environmental professional.

Location: Dulles High School
5550 Dulles Ave
Sugar Land , TX 77478

Date: April 18, 2019, 7:30 a.m. - April 18, 2019, 11:30 a.m.