Unconventional Multiplay Cemented Casing-in-Casing Refracturing Technique and Evaluation

The evolution of completion designs across the major US shale plays suggests that completions performed on earlier completed wells are under stimulated and inadequate for optimum recovery. The traditional horizontal refrac approach of a bullhead stimulation treatment with diverters presents challenges for effective simulation throughout the lateral due to difficult stage isolation and exposure to the entire lateral.

Advancements in cement slurry design and wellbore technology have made it possible to install a new, smaller casing string in the existing wellbore. This technique enables the refracturing technique to be performed like a “new-drill completion” and still utilizing plug and perf methodology. The casing-in-casing refracture treatments and methodology is becoming increasingly popular, with multiple operators successfully applying this technique throughout different portions of the Haynesville and Eagle Ford Shale.


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Date: Feb. 12, 2019, 11:30 a.m. - Feb. 12, 2019, 1 p.m.