SPE GCS Cont ED: 2 Day Learning Tutorial: Tubular Training Course

This 2-day course covers the relevant subjects required to understand the structural mechanics of downhole tubular design. Material aspects, connection selection, performance properties, load cases and design factors are just a few of the many topics that are covered. Participants are encouraged to bring in casing designs from the past and present to use as in-class examples for calculation and discussion. A special emphasis on horizontal aspects will be included.


Day 1 - Introduction to Casing Design

  • Introduction to Casing & Tubing Design - Instructor and student introductions are made in order to familiarize the instructor with each participant’s background.  A casing design overview is provided and the course outline is discussed.
    • Objectives
    • Method
  • Material  Aspects - This section takes an in depth look at the material aspects of design.  Basic material science concepts are followed by a brief look at ISO 15156.     
    • Pipe Mechanics
    • Sour Service (H2S)
  • Casing Loading & Design Considerations - The most common drilling load cases are presented.
    • Drilling Casing Load Cases
  • Fundamental Design Principles - Load calculation methods for burst and collapse design factors are presented.
    • Burst & Collapse
      • Burst with Class Exercise
      • Collapse with Class Exercise

Day 2 - Fundamental Design Principles

  • Connection Selection - The components of a connection and connection selection techniques are discussed.
    • API
    • Semi-Premium
    • Premium
  • Fundamental Design Principles (cont.) – Load calculation methods for the tension, compression, and triaxial design factors are presented.
    • Service Life Design Methods
      • Buoyancy & Pressure-Area Method
      • Tension/Compression with Class Exercise
      • Triaxial with Class Exercise
  • Casing Loading and Design Considerations – The most common production casing load cases are presented with special emphasis on the Casing Frac load case.
    • Production Casing Load Cases
  • Permian Well Design – A discussion of lessons learned from past Permian well designs.
    • Connection Selection
    • Rig Practices
    • Inventory
    • Doglegs
    • Torque & Drag

Location: Newpark Drilling Fluids Office
21920 Merchants Way
Katy , Texas 77449

Date: Jan. 24, 2019, 8:15 a.m. - Jan. 25, 2019, 4:30 p.m.