Water Management: Improving ROI Through Business Integration

With a renewed and dedicated focus on data and data management as the industry emerged from the downturn, water has become an important strategic focus for business.  As a leader in the application of data and workflows for operations, Bryan will discuss water management from the business perspective and the increasing ROI opportunities of tracking water data including its acquisition and use through to the possibilities of blockchain technology.


This includes 5 phases in the water management lifecycle:

  1. Freshwater Acquisition - Such as Contracts and Permitting
  2. Freshwater Distribution - Such as Pipelines and Storage
  3. Fractionation and Injection - Such as Equipment and Downhole Usage
  4. Produced Water Transportation - Such as Scheduling and Hauling
  5. Produced Water Disposal - Such as Recycling and Regulatory

For each phase in the water management lifecycle we’ll touch on the type of data generated and how this data can be used for integrated analysis across the business.  We’ll also discuss how to leverage the data organizations already generate yet are not fully realizing the ROI available due to disconnected systems.



Location: Norris Conference Centers - Houston/Westchase
9990 Richmond Ave., Suite 102
Houston , Texas 77042

Date: Jan. 15, 2019, 11:30 a.m. - Jan. 15, 2019, 1 p.m.