Webinar Only - Westside: Using Drilling Data to Optimize Completion Efficiency in a Low-Permeability Formation

This presentation describes a case study involving a series of wells, initially employing multi-stage plug-and-perf completions which were diagnosed as having poor perforation efficiency and poor reservoir contact. A change to sliding sleeve / coiled tubing completions ensured reservoir contact but suffered from occasional mechanical failures, resulting in costly penalties to complete the wells. A return to plug-and-perf completions was combined with an additional step of using drilling data and neural networks to generate synthetic rock properties logs whose identified stresses were then employed to select perforation spacing to take advantage of “like stresses” to improve perforation efficiencies. Gas chromatography data were used to determine the highest permeability sections of the lateral and the liquid-rich hydrocarbon-bearing sections. These combined analyses resulted in completion optimization based on stress and relative/contrasting permeabilities and associated production improvements.


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Location: At your computer


Date: Sept. 12, 2018, noon - Sept. 12, 2018, 1 p.m.