01YP: Managing Project Complexity


Most major projects fail.  The average major project overruns budget by 33%. The average schedule overrun is 25% (about 1 year), and the average achieved production < 80% of nameplate.

Why does this happen?  One important reason is that our major projects are more complex than we are capable of managing;  more complex technically, but especially more complex politically and socially.

What is complexity?  A simple definition is that complexity is a region on the continuum between simple and chaotic.

Simple systems have few nodes and little connectivity between nodes.  Complicated systems have more nodes and they are more connected, but it is possible to divide the system into independent subsystems.  Complex and chaotic systems feature multiple nodes and multiple interconnections between subsystems.  It is not possible to cleanly divide a complex system into subsystems.

We are fortunate that the science of complexity is well-developed.  This presentation will cover the basics of the science of complexity and identify some things we can  do to combat complexity and make our projects more managable. 

Complexity has been identified as a Hot Topic by the SPEI Technical Directors.  The author is leading the study of the topic for the Board. 

The takeaway idea:  Technical and non-technical complexity are now major contributors to project failure.  We are fortunate in the fact that there is great deal of active research compelted and ongoing on the science of complexity.  This lecture seeks to expose the attendees to this research.  


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Location: Chevron Building - Auditorium
1500 Louisiana St
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Date: April 13, 2017, 6:30 p.m. - April 13, 2017, 8:30 p.m.