Tech Transfer: Utilizing Micro Bio-Reactor Technology for Bioremediation of Industry Related Wastes

Learn about the latest breakthrough in bioremediation delivery technology that overcomes many of the challenges faced by other bioremedation technologies. In this presentation, Ron Finn, Founder and President of TerraMed Remediation, LLC, and Steve Ellis, Founder and Executive Vice President of DryLet, will introduce data proving how this new micro bio-reactor technology is a significant advancement in the bio-remediation field. This patented and NCP-listed bioreactor delivery technology: • Is in an active solid formulation that locks in or “sticks” to the contaminated surfaces and is not wasted by leaching away • Delivers significantly greater microbial concentration than all other microbial technologies available today. This not only equates to greater remediation power, but also saves on the cost of material, storage space, weight, freight, and manpower • Easily overcomes the oil:water interface issue that water-based microbial delivery systems encounter • Only uses safe non-GMO organisms and is EPA NCP listed • Requires one-third the moisture content that current wet bioremediation technologies need to function. This is an especially crucial parameter in arid job locations. This also allows for less ecological damage due to oversaturation of the soil. • Leaves the post-remediated soil in better condition than the start, from contamination to soil that can immediately be used for plant growth. This technology can restore hydrocarbon-laden soil to an improved plant-friendly environment and leaves a minimal ecological footprint. • Can be applied from aircraft to remediate the marshland interface between water

Location: Norris Westchase Center
9990 Richmond Ave., Suite 102
Houston , Texas 77042

Date: Dec. 1, 2015, 11:30 a.m. - Dec. 1, 2015, 1:30 p.m.