WEBINAR ONLY - Westside: Optimizing Completions in Horizontal Wells

Are unconventional reservoirs different than reservoirs we have worked with in the past? Do the created fractures propagate differently?  Are the equations that govern production different than in conventional reservoirs?  This presentation will focus on how unconventional reservoirs are just an extension of the same reservoirs we have completed using hydraulic fracturing over the past 67 years.  Yes, there are differences.  Yes, the treatment optimization process is more complicated.  It has been complicated by the fact that now we have both a fracture treatment optimization and a well density challenge involved in the completion of a single well.  This presentation will discuss the optimization process for horizontal wellbores, the geometry of created fractures in horizontal wells, and the fallacy of IP as an optimization parameter.  The economic process of optimizing completions in unconventional horizontal wellbores will be presented.  It will be demonstrated that this process can be performed in a timely manner, and the results from a few wells can lead to improved economics, the efficient use of capital, and improved profitability.

Location: At your desk

Date: Oct. 21, 2015, noon - Oct. 21, 2015, 1 p.m.