NOTE: This is a joint meeting luncheon with the SPEGCS Technology Transfer Committee.  They and RPSEA (Research Partnership fo Secure Energy for America) are conducteding a two-day technology conference September 9 - 10 on Ultra-Deep Water Research.  If you wish to register for the Ultra-Deep Water Research conference, please go to this  webpage -  

This joint luncheon meeting will be held on the second day of this technology conference.  If you only wish to attend the General Meeting luncheon, please press the green REGISTER button to the right.  If you desire to do so after the luncheon, you are welcome to stay for the afternoon session of this event. 


Dr. Medlock's presentation abstract 

The one constant is change. Nowhere is this more true than in energy markets, which renders predicting the future with any precision to be folly. However, an outlook rooted in fundamental analysis is important to understanding the long term evolution of markets as well as the short term instigators of uncertainty.

Global crude oil and natural gas markets are each in a period of transition, although for different reasons. In each case, pricing is a major source of uncertainty for commercial interests and policy-makers alike. Is the current weakness in oil and gas market prices a harbinger of a “new normal”? How will current and emerging policy paradigms influence market outcomes? More importantly, what can help us answer such questions?

This talk will highlight critical issues in understanding what the future may hold.




The TEXICAN BUFFET will be served at this luncheon. 
Assorted TexMex salad items
Mushroom quesadillas
Chicken Tamales w/Salsa Rojo
Cheese Enchiladas
Marinated Chicken & Beef Fajitas w/usual trimmings
Refried & Charro beans
Spanish & Cilantro Rice
Nacho chips
Caramel apple pie
Cheesecake w/strawberries

Registration & Walk-ins 

All attendees are encouraged to register and pay online for this event.  This is a more efficient means of registering for the event and enables the registration process at the meeting to move much faster.  Walk-in space is available on a seat-limited basis at a fee $5 more than the on-line registration fee.


Parking for this event
There is free parking in the hotel parking lot (1000 parking spaces available at this hotel).  The hotel entrance to the meeting/ballrooms is on the south side of the hotel. There is plenty of parking on the south and west sides of the hotel for easy access to the ballrooms where this meeting will be held. 

2900 Briarpark Dr.
Houston , Texas 77042

Date: Sept. 10, 2015, noon - Sept. 10, 2015, 1:30 p.m.