Community Svces: Are you interested in helping students in STEM courses? - Information Session


As you are aware, one aspect of the SPE-GCS Mission statement is:

Supporting programs in area primary and secondary schools to encourage students to develop their abilities in mathematics, science, and engineering

The GCS has several activities that support this statement: giving college scholarships, coordinating  internships, SPE student chapter support and providing explanatory energy materials to all grade levels. These efforts were highly supported by the GCS membership as confirmed in the March 2014 survey. 

This meeting is about a novel high school-level science/math approach that ties well with this Mission.  Some of you will find this of interest and a volunteer opportunity.  This effort would be at the “sand-face”, helping high school students see the excitement and application of science and math.

Dick Murphy, a GCS member, has been an in-class tutor (and approved substitute teacher) in physics and chemistry at John Foster Dulles High School in the FBISD for the past year and a half.  After retiring from Marathon Oil Company in 2010, Dick had a fundamental desire to tutor students in math, physics and chemistry.  It was difficult to fulfill this due to a lack of familiarity with the local high school teachers and students/parents.  After performing a 7-week substitute teaching chemistry assignment at Dulles, Dick presented a proposal to the Science Department Head in early 2013 for in-class tutoring in physics/chemistry when teachers needed additional instruction assistance, all for free, 1-4 days a week. Dick knew this would be a big benefit to the teachers/students as it is very difficult for the teacher to get around to help their 30+ students every period.  The department jumped at the opportunity and he has been at the school ever since, floating between 5 science teachers in physics and chemistry, fulfilling the urgent need for additional in-class tutoring. 

We support Dick on what he has done and invite interested GCS members to a meeting to learn more. 

We know this is not for everyone, but some might find it a fulfilling challenge. Dick has found it very satisfying helping students better understand the subject matter, encouraging them when they are frustrated and seeing them flourish when they master it.   Dick has noted that even being at school one day a week and focusing on only one subject would be of benefit to the teachers and students.  There is a tremendous need for additional assistance in these subjects and this industry has the talent to meet this need.  Perhaps you can apply your talents in this effort.


This Free Information Session includes a complimentary lunch.

10777 Westheimer Rd Suite 1075
Houston , TX 77077

Date: Sept. 19, 2014, noon - Sept. 19, 2014, 1:30 p.m.