General Mtg: How to Design a Well & Execute Well Operations Safely & at Maximum Potential


The IADC is sponsoring a series of peer-reviewed books about drilling.  Three books have been published (Casing and Liners for Drilling and Completion, Managed Pressure Drilling, and Underbalanced Drilling).  A book about Cementing has passed Peer-review and publication is planned for early 2014. The Drillers Knowledge Book is being peer-reviewed now and should be ready for publication during the first half of 2014. 

The presentation will cover some of the information presented in The Drillers Knowledge Book. The presenters and authors (Juan Garcia & Dr. Leon Robinson) have drawn on their many years of worldwide drilling experience in compiling the information in this book, which should be of interest to both new engineers and those with extensive experience.   

The presentation will emphasize the importance of proper well design and execution of many different well operations required to drill a well safely and efficiently.  The material in the book uses complex well examples to describe how wellbore parameters and conditions, section objectives, final well utility, and risk tradeoffs are used in making critical well design and operational procedures decisions. 

Another objective of this presentation is to promote, encourage and emphasize the importance of communications and sharing of experiences between engineers and field supervisors when planning a well or a critical procedure or when executing well plans in the field.  



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Location: PETROLEUM CLUB, 43rd floor, EXXONMOBIL Building
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Date: Feb. 13, 2014, 11:30 a.m. - Feb. 13, 2014, 1 p.m.