FREE Event - Tech Transfer: Transferring Best Practices of Technologies to the Oil and Gas Industry sponsored by IBM

Lunch Sponsored by IBM  - no charge for this luncheon.

 Innovative producers and future focused leaders are seeking guidance from other industries to learn from their challenges and their successes.  The Technology Transfer luncheon will look at the many answers and best practices that can be found by looking at adjacent industries from companies like IBM. 

How has Nuclear dealt with the volatility of their resources and the safety/environmental impacts? How does Aerospace & Defense deal with systems complexity of merging software, hardware, and manual approaches to support aviation or space exploration?  How is the Medical Device industry dealing with tribal knowledge?

Come learn principles of IBM’s Systems Engineering and how the concepts and supporting technologies are being applied at a large oil & gas company.  We’ll explore the issues they faced; their motivation to change; and how they applied systems engineering principles to improve their business.  

Booz Allen’s Polaris, originally developed for NASA and now being piloted in the Oil &Gas industry. A key challenge when planning and executing projects is having detailed insight into cost, schedule, and risk to inform programmatic decision-making to control performance. This includes not only having the people and processes in place to effectively plan, execute, and monitor a project, but leveraging technologies that expedite the data integration and analysis in a way to effect positive control throughout the project lifecycle. 


Location: Norris Westchase Center
9990 Richmond Ave., Suite 102
Houston , TX 77042

Date: Dec. 11, 2013, 11:30 a.m. - Dec. 11, 2013, 1:30 p.m.