2012 HCC Chancellor's Symposium on Engineering

We will need volunteers for the educational sessions with the middle and high school students to encourage and engage the kids in interactive engineering activities.

 * Lunch /snacks will be provided and a parking voucher is available for the volunteers.
 * Volunteer T-Shirts will be distributed to help better identify individuals for the students, parents, teachers and counselors to request help as needed.

*** Engineering Food***
o   Bio engineering, chemical engineering (composition of water substrate, genetics of plants)
o   Show ways to get food to mars and hydroponics and how they can be used to grow food and make O2
o   Use a calorimeter to determine the calories in staple foods that will be taken to Mars
o   Have them design a full set of meals for a day that meet nutritional needs and can be made with the materials that they bring or grow there
o   Sculpt one element of the meal out of dough

***Balloon Astronaut***
o   Bio-mechanical Engineering, structural engineering, space suit engineering (what materials to use in what order to support itself and the astronaut)
o   Talk about suit and space station design and what materials are used to keep astronauts safe
o   Fill small balloons with water and try to protect them from “micro-meteoroids” using various protective materials (each represent a suit/layer component)
o   Taught using the scientific method

*** SVO Rover Activity***
o   Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering (electricity/wiring to make it run, actually constructing a machine that works) technology to make the rovers wireless
o   Shows how we can explore Mars with limited risk to humans
o   Rover race/competition to see whose works the best in each group

***Habitat Design***
o   Civil engineering, industrial engineering and Technology
o   Design a habitat that will meet all needs for protection as well as experimentation and living needs
o  Must also meet space/size requirements
o   Actually build the habitat
o    2 students using computer graphic software
o   3 students working hands on with simulated materials

*** Transportation/Rockets***
o   Aerospace engineering, everything else engineering
o   Show current forms of propulsion and experimental forms of propulsion as well as rocket/shuttle designs, then have them design their own with 2 liter bottles
o   Each group get to launch water bottle rockets in the parking lot


Location: Space Center Houston
1601 NASA Road 1
Houston , Texas 77058

Date: Sept. 29, 2012, 7:45 a.m. - Sept. 29, 2012, 7 p.m.