Westside: Perforating and Stimulating Instrumented Completions

This presentation will cover challenges to completing and perforating instrumented completions...completions with gauges, fiber optic, or control lines.
The presentation will clearly identify challenges and solutions to mitigate problems associated with perforating instrumented and smart wells, both vertical and horizontal completions. Cost of unconventional reservoir completion types are significant, and currently the chance of damage/loss of downhole instrumentation equipment during perforating activities is high.
Currently available equipment for orienting and perforating instrumented and smart wells is extremely limited with few personnel knowledgeable on the techniques, proper orientation of tools, and limitations of the equipment. None of the available equipment was specifically designed to provide the information needed for successful perforation operations in instrumented wells.
The presentation will include lab tests, full-scale tests, and field application case histories. Currently available equipment and limitations will be discussed along with new technology being developed by ConocoPhillips with service provider partners that should significantly increase the chance factor for success when completing these expensive instrumented/smart wells.   


Norris Center - Westchase is at 9990 Richmond at the NE corner of Richmond and Briarpark, about 1/2 mile East of Sam Houston.  Cross Briarpark and turn left at the 9990 building entry from Richmond.  Drive straight into the parking ramp and follow the (overhead) signs to the roof, which is where Norris has parking.  When you get to the roof park close to the elevator enclosure and take the elevator down (from 3rd floor) to first floor (there is also a stair in the elevator enclosure).  On the ground level come outside and look to your left to see the bright blue Norris canopy.  The Norris Center conference rooms are straight down the hall from this entry.  When leaving, return to the third floor of the parking ramp and follow the arrows on the pavement to exit (there is one place that is not well marked, so just remember to turn right anywhere there are no arrows).  

Location: Norris Center - Westchase
9990 Richmond Avenue
Houston , Texas 77042

Date: Nov. 13, 2012, 11:30 a.m. - Nov. 13, 2012, 1 p.m.