SPEI: Screening of Reservoirs for EOR/IOR



Since development of Enhanced/ Improved Oil Recovery (EOR/ IOR) schemes in a given reservoir involves significant financial risks due to various uncertainties, it is prudent to screen them carefully ahead of major efforts and expenses for specialized laboratory investigations, EOR analyses/simulation or field tests. The decisions to proceed are straight forward if a scheme is determined to be very attractive or alternately, if the technical and economic factors render it to be clearly non-feasible. However, many schemes fall in the ‘grey’ area where ‘high-grading’ of the prospect and/or certain scheme modifications could make the IOR/EOR scheme viable. This workshop dwells on rationale and philosophy of the screening process to provide insights on identifying technical/ economic parameters with significant impact on feasibility of a given IOR/ EOR scheme. Appropriate laboratory tests, reservoir and simulation analyses and field measurements can then be planned to further reduce uncertainties. This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to consider applicability of various EOR schemes for different oil reservoirs. Participants are encouraged to bring data on reservoirs of specific interest to their companies for class discussions.

The instructor intends to present this workshop before the SPE meetings around the world, wherever there is an interest in advanced screening for enhanced oil recovery. In conducting this workshop, the instructor plans to: (1) spend most of the time discussing rationale behind screening criteria for EOR/ IOR and keep discussion of the theoretical topics to bare minimum, (2) discuss significant economic/ technical factors with impact on EOR methods, (3) give the workshop attendees some practical and useful problems to work on, and (4) provide each workshop attendee a workbook containing copies of the instructors’ PowerPoint presentations, and solutions to the class problems.

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be of interest to petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, production engineers, facilities engineers, managers, and planners involved or interested in advanced screening of specific oil reservoirs for enhanced/ improved oil recovery schemes.

Since this topic is expected to attract large attendance, those who are interested in attending this workshop should register early.

The workshop registrants should plan to bring their notebook computers to the class to work on the class problems.


0.8 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) awarded for this 1-day course.

Location: SPEI Houston Training Center
10777 Westheimer Rd.
Houston , TX 77042

Date: Nov. 29, 2011, 8 a.m. - Nov. 29, 2011, 5:30 p.m.