Reservoir: Streamline-based History Matching: Field Experiences and Lessons Learned

Reconciling high-resolution geologic models to production history is a very time-consuming aspect in reservoir modeling. Current practice still involves a tedious and manual history-matching process that is highly subjective and often employs ad-hoc property multipliers that can lead to loss of geologic realism. Recently streamlines have shown significant promise in improving the history matching process. The streamline-based history matching is quite general and can be used with either streamline or finite-difference simulators. In this presentation I will briefly discuss some of the recent advances in streamline-based history matching and demonstrate the techniques using several field applications. The field applications from North Sea, Middle East and West Africa will illustrate the use of streamlines during history matching for (i) efficiency in workflow, (ii) obtaining geologic insight (iii) understanding reservoir dynamics and, (iv) preserving geologic realism.

Location: Courtyard on St James
1885 Saint James Pl
Houston , Texas 77056

Date: Nov. 17, 2010, 11:30 a.m. - Nov. 17, 2010, 1 p.m.