Northside - The Critical Path to Success for Openhole Completions: Fluid Design and Execution

Openhole completions have become a key component to efficient field development. There is a plethora of fluid options to drill and complete these wells. If careful testing and planning are not undertaken to select the appropriate fluid,  problems may arise.  These problems could include invasion of solids, creation of scales or emulsions, plugging of completion assemblies or incompatibilities of sequential fluid treatments. All of which can negatively impact well performance. Some of these problems are irreversible while others could be corrected with remedial treatments…… maybe!!! With thorough testing, fluids for the whole drilling, completion and production processes can be selected to avoid these problems and attain the required balance among the goals set for each of these facets.

Openhole completions have become more varied and complex in recent years. Many different tools and techniques have been utilized to drill and complete these challenging wells with the goal of providing sand control while not impeding well productivity or injectivity. Often times the fluid requirements to meet reservoir, drilling, completion and production program goals can be quite diverse.

Creating an asset team encompassing operator and service company personnel who have an understanding of project specifics helps to overcome "silo" thinking and instead focuses on the goals of the total project. The team should include geologists, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, completion engineers, fluids engineers, and completion technologists. This group develops the plan and establishes specifications for the drilling, completion and production facets based on thorough fluid and process evaluations and then executes to these specifications in the field using proper tools to monitor the dynamics of well construction.

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Date: Feb. 10, 2009, 11:30 a.m. - Feb. 10, 2009, 1 p.m.