Record high oil and gas prices at the start of the summer of 2008 were followed by their seeming collapse as the summer wore on and the American credit crisis grew. Will 2009 be a year of recession or recovery? Is economic decoupling real or imagined? 
We will look at the trends in global energy supply and demand and the changing oil and gas consumption patterns in the United States. Are higher or lower oil and gas prices in our future?  What might it mean for petroleum industry capital spending next year and longer term?  

Do short-term supply and demand and pricing trends matter in a world possibly about to face Peak Oil? What demand transformations might that trigger for our economy, our society and our petroleum industry?


Can wind, solar and/or biofuels meet our energy shortage challenge? Or will we need to exploit more of the U.S. offshore areas and ANWR in Alaska? What role might nuclear energy play in our future energy mix?


Will the oil service industry with its new technologies and more flexible business models ride to the industry’s rescue? Or is North America destined to become the “dead continent” just as the Gulf of Mexico was in the early 1990s? Will everyone in the oil business have to speak a second language?


What does all this mean for energy capital markets? Will the industry need capital or be a source of funds? Will the industry be populated with larger companies that are more geographically and product-line diverse than we have today? Will there be room for small, focused players?


While the likelihood is that whatever we predict for 2009 will be different from what actually happens, delving into various alternative scenarios for the year should be of help for executives planning their future.

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Date: Dec. 9, 2008, 11:30 a.m. - Dec. 9, 2008, 1 p.m.