Westside: Cleveland Formation Horizontal Well Redevelopment Program

Applied Technology Helps Revitalize a Maturing Gas Field:
The Cleveland Formation’s Horizontal Well Redevelopment Program
The Cleveland formation is a giant, tight-gas reservoir located across a large portion of the northeastern Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma. Complete development of the Cleveland formation has historically been inhibited by variable well performance, inefficient reservoir drainage, and marginal economics. To address these challenges, operators have shifted to infill drilling with horizontal wells. This has introduced new challenges, including optimizing horizontal well orientation, lateral length, completion type, and the number and length of hydraulic fractures, all within the context of a partially depleted reservoir. To help optimize these horizontal well parameters, operators have begun actively acquiring data to improve their understanding of the reservoir and to quantify the variables driving well performance.

Included in the acquired data were subsurface mapping, core analyses, wellbore stability analyses, openhole logs, microseismic data, injection fall-off data, and production decline analyses. As will be demonstrated in the presentation, analysis of these data has led to updated material balance calculations and reservoir simulation models, a shift in completion technology, and better quantification of the distribution of the remaining hydrocarbon resource.

Reservoir pressures inferred from injection fall-off tests, completion diagnostic data, and reservoir simulation modeling are helping to guide optimal well placement and completion selection for these horizontal wells. To further address the economics of drilling horizontal wells, a novel coiled-tubing drilling program for reentering existing vertical wellbores has been piloted with encouraging initial production results. Overall, this presentation will demonstrate how the integration of data acquisition, application of technology, and collaborative sharing of best practices has resulted in a revitalization of this giant North American gas reservoir.
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Location: The WestLake Club - Carriage Room
570 WestLake Park Blvd
Houston , Texas 77079

Date: April 16, 2008, 11:30 a.m. - April 16, 2008, 1 p.m.