Projects, Facilities & Construction: The float over installation market: What’s present and what’s next?

Currently, there is high demand for new integration methods for topsides both onto jackets and floating structures.  Oil companies like to minimize risk and costs in offshore installation methods and as such float over operations become more and more attractive to them.

The float over installation method has been used in inshore water utilizing cargo barges since a long time already, but since a few years self propelled heavy transport vessels (HTV’s) are more and more used to perform these operations offshore as well.  Main advantage in using these self propelled HTV’s is the fact that the transportation asset is used for installation also.  There is no longer a need for crane vessels which has not only a cost and scheduling benefit, but also a benefit from risk perspective, as float over mating operations are more controlled and safer than lift operations.

In this presentation, the float over installation method will be discussed whereby an overview will be given of the technical challenges that play a role in these operations.

Dockwise has established a leading position in the market as a Transportation and Installation (T&I) contractor.  In July 2007, Offshore Kinematics Inc. (OKI) and Ocean Dynamics LLC (ODL) were added to the Dockwise group of companies, making the company an even more experienced and diversified player.

Location: Omni Houston Westside Hotel
13210 Katy Fwy
Houston , TX 77079

Date: March 18, 2008, 11:30 a.m. - March 18, 2008, 1 p.m.