Dec. 10 - Dec. 12, 2020


As the dialogue and challenges of environmental sustainability in Oil & Gas industry have risen to the forefront among our industrial community and the society in general, this convention brings together industry leadership and thought leaders to share perspective, trendline of current actions and ideas to further accelerate our innovation velocity, to fulfil our promise to supply safe and affordable energy while keeping the environmental stewardship commitment. Hydrocarbon based energy sources are projected to be the dominant supply source in foreseeable future while the renewables grow strongly alongside. As new data is made available almost daily – 19 of the hottest 20 years occurring in the past two decades, and other varied reporting, the performance expectations from our industry have markedly changed from emissions reduction to net neutrality to decarbonization. This spotlights the renewed need to focus on innovation and new technology at the holistic level. There is an urgent need to further accelerate a mindset shift where sustainability perspective is factored in daily roles and R&D-Technology-Innovation priorities. Our demonstrated excellence in water conservation, chemical stewardship and other sustainability topics must now translate ideas into action to mitigate flaring, accelerate carbon sequestration and then to further define a technology partnership role to increase cost efficient supply of the renewables. This sustainability technology convention on 08th May includes a panel discussion by industry recognized technology and policy executives followed by three focus sessions on – (a) Upstream Technologies, (b) Bridging Technologies – Energy Harvesting, Storage & Sequestration, and (c) Renewables & New Energy Sources. Pre-event social with a guest lecture will held on the evening of 07th May. Both the evening social and the convention will be held at the beautiful Rice University campus in Houston which houses the world-renowned Baker Institute, one of the most influential energy policy institution.

Date and Time

Thu, Dec. 10


Sat, Dec. 12, 2020