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 Hands-on Data Analytics Boot Camp 





When: Thursday, 30th August 2018, 07:30 AM- 04:00 PM


Where: Houston Exponential, 410 Pierce St, Houston, TX 77002 



This boot camp is aimed at individuals seeking to apply concepts from a case study in a hands on environment. This learning course will include lectures and hands on exercises in areas of data science which include data visualization, deep learning, machine learning, and traditional statistical applications of data science. This is a great event for beginners and intermediaries interested in learning the details behind applying data science techniques.



Simon Mantle - Sr. Director - Digital Product Management, Baker Hughes GE

Topic - Simon will discuss present a demonstration of Baker Hughes General Electric’s AI Factory, a framework developed for citizen data scientists through to deep learning experts.



  • Neeraj Tandon - Principal, January Advisors 

    • Topic: Data Visualization 

      • Load and explore data. Most projects begin with enumerating and aggregating datasets, cleaning and preparing them. We’ll start with a mostly clean dataset so we can jump into the fun parts quickly.

      • Analyze and generate results. All good answers start with a good question. Armed with a  hypothesis, we’ll use a combination of visualization and statistical analysis to derive results.

      • Create static and interactive reports

  • Ziad Katrib - Director of Operations Analytics, Calpine

    • Topic: Deep Learning - Detecting and Identifying Machinery Faults: Deep Learning approach

      • Identifying and detecting faults for industrial equipment is a corner stone of equipment health and prognostics with the goal of minimizing equipment downtime.

      • This talk will present a novel approach using a combination of Sequence and Convolutional Neural Network to detect and identify multiple equipment faults frommultiple machines.

  • Abiodun Akogun - Sr. Data Scientist, Christus Health

    • Topic: Statistical Models & ML - Data Mining Process

      • Abiodun will discuss data science/analytics work flow  from data ingestion, data quality, data pre-processing, model selection and model validation. He will cover a use case using python’s pandas and sklearn libraries. 

      • The Data Mining Process involves data ingestion, data quality, data preprocessing, data transformation, Model selection and Model validation.

      • Using a data set and python’s rich sklearn and pandas libraries, we will work through the entire process and make sample predictions on the data set that will be used.

  • Deval Pandya - Lead Data Scientist, Shell

    • Topic: Data Scientist Case Study

      • How to develop an abstract idea into a value added application for your business.

  • Roy Keyes - Lead Data Scientist, Arundo Analytics

    • Topic: Product Development - Evolving end-to-end data science solutions in heavy industry

      • The real world implementation of data science solutions for heavy industry is fraught with pitfalls and open questions. In this talk, I will present a strategy for developing and deploying machine learning based solutions, drawing from experience working on data-driven equipment maintenance in industrial contexts. 


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Date and Time

Thu, Aug. 30, 2018

7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central

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Houston Exponential, 410 Pierce St, Houston, TX 77002

410 Pierce St
Houston, Texas 77002
United States

The venue is set for Houston Exponential:

410 Pierce St, Houston, TX 77002

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