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In the current economic climate Operators must reduce drilling costs, so they are turning to well data analytics, real-time advisory, and automation systems to make sustainable improvements (Behounek et al. 2017). Rig surface sensor data is critical to improvement; however, documented issues with consistent, reliable, quality data complicates and delays the value from these systems. The Operators Group for Data Quality (OGDQ) seeks to accelerate the adoption of standardized key measurement specifications, data storage, transmission, transformation, and integration by working with Rig Contractors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Service Companies. The OGDQ effort focuses on key measurements used for important drilling process decision making.

For this paper, the OGDQ worked with Rig Contractors and an OEM/Service Company to advance recommended data quality components in work processes and commercial agreements. By bringing transparency to the process, the authors hope to contribute to the efforts to address operational data quality issues and to drive alignment and improvements among Operators, Rig Contractors, OEMs, and Service Companies. This paper outlines an approach to putting data quality into practice, including initially identifying the problem, field verification, developing key measurement specifications, constructing framework components, and anticipating management of change issues.

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