Royalty Well Service, Inc.

With headquarters in Royalty, Texas, Royalty Well Service is an industry leading well Plugging and Abandonment Company. In fact, plugging and abandonment (P&A) is our only focus. Since 1988, we have assembled the knowledge, equipment, and industry relations related to P&A to allow us to plug any well no matter how difficult. We can say that confidently after plugging 1,000’s of wells across the Southern U.S.

Royalty Well Service provides turnkey well plugging services, from filing the initial paperwork with the appropriate governing agency, to completion, site cleanup, and filing the appropriate final paperwork. We ensure excellent service by providing logistics, site management, expertise, and daily reports of activities on location.














Short Facts

Est. 1988

Plugged & Abandoned 1000’s of wells

Plugging Specialist – problem wells, start-to-finish, turnkey services from filing the initial paperwork to completion and site cleanup to filing the final paperwork with the local state agency.

Specialize in a complete P&A program, from the paperwork inception; generate proper regulatory forms for filing state agencies and application for approval. Working closely with state agencies to ensure approval of the well file for P&A. We maintain strong relations with these state agencies to make certain proper procedures are followed and often go above and beyond to ensure safety, environmental compliance, and that our services are performed efficiently.

In-house Services Provided for P&A:
- Backhoe
- Welder
- Casing Jacks
- Cementing services
- Slickline
- Wireline services (coming soon)

Plugging Rig Capabilities:
- Operational capabilities of up to 20,000ft.
- Capable of 300,000 lb. hook load
- 675 horsepower delivered to the drawworks
- 104 ft. - 350,000 lb. mast

J.C. Kester
P.O. Box 394
Grandfalls Texas 79742
(432) 556-2600