Mohammad Tabatabaei


Education Chair
Board of Directors


Mohammad Tabatabaei is a Staff Reservoir Engineer at Newfield Exploration. He holds BS degrees in Petroleum Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, both from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, MS in Petroleum Engineering from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University. Mohammad joined the SPE Gulf Coast Section Board of Directors in 2016 where he served as a Director at Large for two consecutive years. He was then re-elected to the board in 2018 to serve as the Education Committee chair and Scholarship Endowment Fund chair. Mohammad has also been a member of the SPE-GCS Reservoir Study Group, and served as the chair in 2015-2016. In addition to his current roles in the SPE-GCS, Mohammad is an active member of SPE International. He has been a member of the SPE ATCE Production, Monitoring and Control Sub-committee since 2013, and he served as the chair of the sub-committee in 2017. Mohammad is author of more than 15 SPE journal or conference papers. He has also been a technical editor for SPE journals and have peer-reviewed more than 40 papers since 2102.