Lisa Li


Membership Chair
Board of Directors


Lisa Li serves as SPE GCS community service chair. She is the president and partner at Houston EP Corp.  Previously Lisa has worked for ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Baker Hughes, Williams as reservoir engineer, Sr. RE, Principles  in exploration, development and  production phases, such as EOR for Prudhoe Bay Alaska, reservoir management for East and West Texas, reservoir study for Netherlands tight gas, carbonate, naturally fractured reservoir, reservoir simulation study for Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, reserve auditing lead for SPDC Nigeria, reservoir pre/post drilling work for Deepwater and Deepgas of Gulf of Mexico, FDP for Tarim China. She has worked GoM projects includes most Paleogene wells: Das Bump, St Malo, Julia, Jack, Tucker, Kaskida, Will K and Neptune. She has received Shell EP Research President Award for successful lead Shell worldwide reserve review team and deliver 95 fields’ reserve internal reviews for Nigeria BU.

Lisa has held M.S. degrees in Applied Math from U of Houston and  a M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from U of Tulsa, and a PhD degree in Leadership Study from OLLU. She served Chinese American Petroleum Association (CAPA) as 2011 president, and 2013 chairman of the board. Lisa has been as Invited Speaker/ Author/ Session Chairs / Co-chairs, Committee members for SPE, CAPA, OTC conferences, She also serves VP for ECH Engineering Council of Houston (2018-2020).