Chair's Corner - March 2020

Chair's Corner - March 2020


Growing up, I often jumped to an image of The Terminator or Battlestar Galactica whenever someone brought up the concept of "artificial intelligence." That's the image that comes to mind. It was always a good-versus-evil story about robots taking over our world. Now as an adult, I see the implementation of AI on so many practical levels that didn’t occur to me as a child. Artificial intelligence isn’t just a storyline anymore, it’s a reality.

What is the real version of artificial intelligence, and how is it currently being used in our lives today? What are the pathways going forward, and how is it being incorporated into workflows and procedures within our industry?

The third annual SPE-GCS Data Science Convention is right around the corner to help answer those questions! The convention, organized by the SPE-GCS Data Analytics Study Group, will have several success stories and visionary presentations focused on the theme “Modernizing Upstream Oil & Gas Industry with Artificial Intelligence.”

Keeping the innovation and transformation themes at its core, the main session at the convention will feature several visionary, strategic and technical presentations by leading professionals from major oil and gas corporations and technology companies. Another highlight of the convention will be a panel session with eminent experts and leaders who will share their thoughts on how AI is part of the value equation for upstream oil and gas. The speakers will share their organization’s vision, journey, success stories, insights, experiences and best practices focused on artificial intelligence and its applications, with a diverse audience pool from the industry.

This year, the convention will also include two parallel technical breakout sessions featuring exciting technical presentations with success stories and case studies of data analytics in the upstream oil and gas industry. There will also be a technology showcase highlighting several technology, startup and oil and gas companies exhibiting their innovative and emerging products. In addition, there will be a poster showcase featuring industry professionals and university students who will present their latest innovative studies.

With more than 400 participants expected and 20 esteemed speakers, plus several posters and over 15 technology exhibits on display, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking and professional development.

Please visit the event webpage for more details and registration information:

Until next month,

Gabrielle Morrow