The Environmental Institute of Houston (EIH) / UH Clear Lake (UHCL) has partnered with the SPE-GCS to host the third annual

Earth Science and Energy Education: A Summer Institute for Teachers’

The three primary goals of these summer development workshops for Houston-area 4th-8th grade science teachers are to:

1) Train/educate teachers in aspects of geology, earth science, environmental science, and energy content areas

2) Provide participants with lessons/materials for classroom integration

3) Link workshop topics with student career considerations.

The SPE-GCS is currently requesting member participation in workshop activities on June 25 and July 16, 2008. Specifically, we are asking SPE members to participate as morning ‘Career Booth Custodians’, representing the following general disciplines/professions (1-2 members needed per discipline/profession):

·       Petroleum Geology

·       Geophysics

·       Drilling

·       Completions/Production Engineering

·       Projects/Facilities/Construction

·       Reservoir/Production Engineering

·       Safety/Environment

·       Land/Legal/Commercial

·       Alternative Energy

·       Academia

Please note that participation requires very little pre-work/preparation – the goal is to teach the teachers through informal discussions about your discipline and career path. Further description of volunteer activities/duties are attached to this e-mail.

If you would like to participate (or know others who might), please forward us contact information and discipline/profession preference by COB Friday, June 12, 2008.

Thank you so much for your support - we expect this to be another fun and rewarding experience for teachers and volunteers alike!
More information at the UH Clear Lake site. Also, you can download the Career Booth Guide HERE.

Best Regards,

Sean O’Brien, Rob Bruant