Dear Section Officers,


SPE is initiating a new marketing campaign to promote our online Technical Interest Groups (TIGs) to encourage more members to join and participate in the online discussions. We would appreciate your assistance in this campaign by incorporating a banner ad on your website and/or one of the print ads in an upcoming meeting announcement. There are two versions of the banner ad depending of the location and size you prefer given the website format. These can be downloaded with other ad options at


The link to attach to the TIG banner ads should be,,1104_1603,00.html. Also, if you have questions on how to post these electronic ads on your website, go to our helpsite at or contact for additional assistance.


Further, we have also posted two PowerPoint slides on the ftp site with similar benefits of TIG participation listed that we ask you to place on screen if applicable during upcoming section meetings or study group sessions. With 25 TIGs to choose from, it is likely almost everyone in attendance could find at least one TIG applicable to their field of work. 


Finally, many of our sections kindly posted a banner ad for our Build the World of SPE Membership contest when it began in 2004. During the last two years the contest has been expanded so more winners are rewarded each quarter for their membership recruitment efforts. We have recently revised the banner ad and graphics and request that you post this new ad and replace the older version at your convenience. The first quarterly winner will be announced after 1 April 2006.


Thank you for your help in promoting these important member services and programs. Please contact me if you have any questions or I can be of any other assistance.


Best Regards,


Brian Wiggins
SPE Sections Manager
222 Palisades Creek Drive
Richardson, TX 75080-2040

(1)972.952.9451- telephone
(1)972.952.9435- fax