After a brief period of inactivity, the Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section has reactivated its dormant International Study Group. Originally formed in 2003, this study group organized evening monthly meetings with panels of speakers discussing the topic of “How to Do Business in (country),” focusing on the differences and challenges of working in various geographic regions.

In 2010, the newly energized International Study Group will focus on commonalities, enabling networking and sharing of experiences with engineers and managers of both National Oil Companies and Major Oil Companies headquartered outside the United States. The plan is to have foreign speakers come and talk to the Study Group when they come to Houston on business, or, alternatively, to use the latest videoconferencing technology for real-time presentations from around the world. Consequently, the International Study Group meeting time may vary, not adhering to an “every third Tuesday at lunch” schedule. Therefore, interested parties should monitor the SPE Gulf Coast Section newsletter for times and venues, or sign up for monthly Study Group email alerts at

The International Study Group's mission is to provide a forum for the Houston area SPE membership and the global Oil and Gas community to share information on business practices and considerations, projects, and technological applications significant to the oil and gas industry worldwide. The International Study Group will collaborate with other Gulf Coast Section Study Groups to ensure maximum value to the Section, which is located in one of the leading international centers for the industry.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity … to revive the International Study Group,” said Philippe G. Mitterrand, who has volunteered to be the International Study Group Chair. “I am confident we can add to the accomplishment generated by the earlier promoters of the group, and create a vibrant, Houston-based, global forum where all aspects of the Oil & Gas business may be aired.”

SPE members interested in helping to schedule speakers for this study group and non-members wishing to attend the monthly meetings may contact:

Philippe G. Mitterrand
Chair International Study Group
SPE-GCS, Houston, Texas
Tel: 832-524-6294