The Gulf Coast Section Nominating Committee recommended the following slate to fill vacant positions for the 2004 – 2005 year.
• Vice Chair – Bryant Mueller
• Secretary – Robbin Jones
• Vice Treasurer – Art Schroeder
• Directors (3) – Robin Anderson, Nick Piskurich, and Hiep Vu

The SPE-GCS Board of Directors approved the recommendation at its December meeting.

Bryant Mueller
Bryant Mueller is currently the Gulf Coast Section Membership Coordinator and Real Time Optimization Technical Interest Group Internet Chair.  He has been Section Secretary and Program Coordinator in the past.  He has also held various offices in the Facilities and Construction Study Group, including its Program Chair.  In addition, he was a member of “The Latest in Deepwater Facility Selection” ATW, chairing the Flow Assurance Session in 2002, and an Offshore Technology Conference Flow Assurance Session Chair in 2000 and 2001.  Bryant was selected for the 2003 SPE International Young Engineer of the Year Award in October.  He has authored and/or presented several technical publications with SPE, OTC, and ASME. 

He is employed as a Business Development Manager of the US GeoQuest Production & Drilling Solutions Division with Schlumberger.  Prior to its acquisition by Schlumberger, Bryant was Vice President and US Operations Manager of Baker Jardine Americas.  Unocal previously employed him, with responsibilities in the production and drilling.  He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tulsa in 1995.  He is a Registered Engineer-in-Training in Oklahoma.

The commitment includes one year as Vice Chair, rolling over to Section Chair for one year, followed by Past Chair for a third year. 

Robbin Jones
Robbin currently serves as Gulf Coast Section Treasurer and was Vice Treasurer last year.  He has also held other positions in the Section, including its Digital Energy (formerly E-Business) Study Group Founding Chair in 2000 – 2001 and Chair for the SPE – IAGC 2002 Joint E-Business Conference. 

Robbin works for Schlumberger Data & Consulting services as a Consulting Services Manager.  He was formerly A&D Solutions Director with IndigoPool, a manager, reservoir engineering vice president, engineering director, and IT manager for resource development with Equinox Oil Company.  He has also worked for Diamond Energy Operating Company, Caruthers Producing Company, and Enserch Exploration in various engineering capacities.  Robbin earned his BS in Petroleum Engineering with Honors at the University of Tulsa in 1981, where he as voted the Most Outstanding Petroleum engineering Student and was the university’s representative in the Rhodes Scholarship competition.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Louisiana and is also a member of IPAA.

The office of Section Secretary carries a one-year commitment.

Art Schroeder
Art is currently a Gulf Coast Section Director and is active in the Digital Energy Study Group.  He is an SPE representative to the Houston Energy Council and the Engineering Council of Houston.  He has held the positions of PLOC Committee member, OTC Program Committee member, and has served as technical chair for several OTC sessions, as well as authored numerous technical publications.  He is also involved with Deepstar, AIChE, the National Ocean Industries Association, and IPAA in leadership positions, and is a member of API, AADE, the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, the UH Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the MIT Enterprise Forum, the Houston Technology Center, and the Licensing Executives Society.  In the past, Art was active in the US DOE Deepwater Initiative, Petro Safe, Energy Week, and Clean Gulf, as well as several other organizations.   

He is the Principal of Energy Valley, Inc.  Previously, Amoco Production Company and BP Amoco employed Art in several engineering and managerial capacities, including eBusiness, strategic planning, crisis management, project management, and construction and operations.  He earned his BS in Chemical Engineering in 1974 and MS in Chemical Engineering in 1976 from Georgia Tech University, and his MBA in Finance from the University of Houston in 1999. 

The office of Vice Treasurer is for one-year commitment that automatically rolls over to the position of Treasurer for a second year; thus it is for a two-year commitment. 

Robin Anderson
Robin has held the position of Petro-Tech Study Group Chair in 2002-2003 and is currently its Past Chair. She also served on the Succession Planning Organizational Committee in 2003. 

ExxonMobil Production Company as a Subsurface Engineering Technician employs her.  She has also held positions as a Reservoir Technical Assistant, Career Development Manager Assistant, Production Technology Manager Assistant, Assistant to the Human Resources Continuous Improvement Process
Advisor, and a Drafter in Exxon’s Facilities and Geology Departments.

Robin earned her Associates Degree in Music form South Plains College. 

Nick Piskurich
Nick has served in various capacities on the Westside Study Group, as is currently its Immediate Past Chair.  He was Student Chapter President at Penn State in 1988 – 1989.  He has authored a technical paper on strategic alliances and teamwork and is a registered Engineer in Training. 

He is a Completion Engineer with BP plc, having transferred from reservoir engineering in 2003.  He previously held production and completion engineering positions with Coastal Oil & Gas and Amoco Production Company.  Schlumberger Dowell and Guardian Industries have also employed Nick, since earning his BS in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1989.  He is a Registered Engineer-in-Training in Pennsylvania. 

Hiep Vu
Hiep was a member of the 2002 – 2003 Gulf Coast Section Emerging Leaders Program, having served as the group’s Chair.  He is also involved in planning and organization of the ELP Golf Tournaments, Roughneck Camp for young engineers, and PetroBowl for engineering students.  He is an active volunteer in the Section’s high school recruiting fairs.  He received an SPE Scholarship from the Amarillo Section in the early 1990’s and was a Student Section member at Texas Tech University. 

Hiep is employed by Shell International Exploration & Production Company as a Subsea Completions Engineer.  Calpine Natural Gas Company, Amerada Hess Corporation, and Amoco Production Company previously employed him, where he has held completions, production, operations, and facilities engineering responsibilities.  He earned a BS in Petroleum engineering with Cum Laude honors in 1995 and is a Registered Engineer-in-Training in Texas. 

All three Section Directors’ positions require two-year commitments. 

Following is an excerpt taken from the Gulf Coast Section Bylaws as amended in 2001.  Article VI notes that the Nominating Committee will recommend the slate to the Board of Directors.  Upon Board approval and nominees’ agreement to serve if elected, the slate of nominees is presented to the Section in this, the February, issue of the Section Newsletter.  If no other nominations are made by petition as noted below by February 15, the slate shall stand, and the nominees will be accepted.


Election of Officers and Directors

 Section 1: The Gulf Coast Section Chairman shall appoint a Nominating Committee annually who will nominate one (1) candidate each for the position of Vice Chairman, Secretary, Vice Treasurer, and three (3) At-Large Directors.  The immediate past Chairman of the Section shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee, and the Board of Directors shall approve the Section Chairman’s appointment of the remaining members of the Nominating Committee.  In the event that the immediate past Chairman position is vacant, the Section Chairman shall appoint a Chairman of the Nominating Committee to be approved by the Board of Directors.

 Section 2: The February issue of the Section Newsletter shall contain the Board of Directors’ approved slate of Section Officers and Directors.

 Section 3: All nominees of the Nominating Committee reported to the Section shall stand as elected unless Section members nominate additional candidates by February 15.

 Section 4: Additional nominations for one or more of the elected positions for which nominations were reported shall be submitted to the Board of Directors.

A. All nominees must meet the qualifications for Section Membership in Article IV of the Gulf Coast Section Bylaws.

B. Nominations for Vice Chairman, Secretary, Vice Treasurer and At-Large Director must be made by petition from 100 members of the Section.  Such petitions must be received by the Section Chairman no later than February 15 of that year.

C. Nominations for all contested positions shall be published in the April issue of the Section’s Newsletter.

Section 5: If an election is necessary, it shall occur annually at one of the regularly scheduled Section meetings or at a duly called special meeting during the month of May.  All Active Members of the Section shall be notified of the meeting time and location in both the April and May issues of the Section’s Newsletter.  A quorum shall exist for the election to occur.

A. Marked ballots shall be taken for all contested positions.

B. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall appoint an Election Judge to ensure a quorum exists, to count votes, and to authenticate the election.

Nominees for each contested position receiving the majority of votes shall be declared elected by the Board of Directors.  In the event of a contested election for At-Large Director, the three (3) candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected by the Board of Directors.

Please refer to the Section ByLaws Questions, comments, or qualifying petitions should be directed to the Section Chair by February 15.

James Pappas
SPE-GCS Past Chair
Nominations Committee Chair

Nominations Committee Members
Susan Howes
Marcelia Anderson
Bill Jentsch
Bill Kemp