It is said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Although a lot of business was conducted during three full days of work sessions, board members James Pappas, Janeen Judah, and Susan Howes managed to take in some interesting sight seeing in the afternoons— this was the first trip to Russia for each. The group toured the sites open to the public at the Kremlin, but Red Square was off limits because of a Pink Floyd concert scheduled that evening. They strolled past some of the official buildings and President Putin’s office to two Russian Orthodox Cathedrals, inside which several patriarchs and czars were buried. A nearby park featured a massive 30-foot tall bell that had been built specifically to ring in the coronation of Catherine the Great. Next the SPE board members visited the Armory Building, which houses many of Russia’s treasures, priceless paintings, and famous jewels and crowns of the country’s past leaders. James, Janeen, and Susan represented SPE and the Gulf Coast Section admirably at the board meeting, and they enriched themselves, and our Society, by taking in some of Russia’s inspiring culture.