The SIPES Houston Chapter Presents the Fall 2009 Continuing Education Seminar:


“Applications of New Geophysical and Petrophysical Technology for the Independent”


Friday, September 18, 2009


The past ten years has seen an explosion in technological advances in the oil and gas industry, particularly in the fields of geophysics and petrophysics. At the same time, reductions in hardware and software costs have made the resulting new geophysical and petrophysical tools available to companies of all sizes. Therefore, it has never been more important that geoscientists understand the implications of these tools as they relate to finding oil and gas and/or better reservoir characterization


This one-day seminar will focus on the application of new geophysical and petrophysical technology for geologists, geophysicists and engineers employed in the oil and gas business. Twelve experts from majors, independents, consultants and service companies will present “how-to” talks on the newest technologies in the oil business. Learn about it on the 18th. Use it to find oil and gas on the 19th.


Presentations and Speakers


New techniques in GOM Exploration                                                 John Sherwood     Anglo-Suisse

Core analysis of Gas Shales                                                             John Dacy             Core Lab

Geophysical and Petrophysical Integration                                       Roger Young          eSeis

Pre-stack Depth Migration                                                                 Jim Allen                 Allen-Hoffman Exploration

Advanced Geophysical Workflows                                                  Steve Tobias          South Bay Exploration

Reservoir Properties from Seismic Data                                           Hans Sheline          VeriNova

High Resolution Seismic Imaging                                                       Norman Neidell       Consultant

Pitfalls of Amateur Petrophysics                                                       Robert Leiber         BP

High Resolution Logging Tools                                                          Rick Richardson     OGEC

Delivering Informed Decision for Shale Gas Investments                 Jesse Cryer            Schlumberger

Petrophysical Evaluation of the Haynesville Shale                           Dan Buller                Halliburton

Formation Evaluation through Casing                                                Dale May           Schlumberger


This Seminar will be held at the Marathon Conference Center, 10th Floor, 5555 San Felipe (at Yorktown) Houston, Texas. Registration includes a CD of the Proceedings; Lunch and morning and afternoon Refreshments.




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