Would you like to be recognized internationally for your photography skills?

The Magic Suitcase Committee plans to upgrade the presentation material available in the Magic Suitcase program. The updated presentation will be used for Gulf Coast Section education material and by SPE in international presentations to inform students about petroleum basics. To review the current material available for the Magic Suitcase, please visit www.spegcs.org > Committees > MagicSuitcase.

Success depends on quality pictures and content that reflect the current petroleum industry—high technology, diversity, etc. The Magic Suitcase Committee seeks petroleum-related pictures that highlight technology, diversity, e n v i r o n m e n t a l stewardship, international partnerships, community involvement, extreme environments, and other petroleum engineering work.

For us to use the pictures, the photographer and those in the pictures must first sign a release. The photographer will receive photo credit for pictures. To submit pictures, please visit www.spegcs.org  to download the photo waiver form. Send the completed, signed form to Shawna Hartman, Chevron, by January 20 at (832) 854-3217 or shawna.hartman@chevron.com. All information required for the photo is specified on the photo release form. We appreciate your help.